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Tony Lopes

Founder and managing partner, Tony Lopes, Esq., wears many hats.  He is a practicing attorney and managing partner of Lopes Law LLC, a podcaster, the founder and Chief Vision Officer of CollegeCast LLC, and Adjunct Professor of several classes at Temple University’s Fox School of Business (including Entrepreneurial and Innovative Thinking, Intellectual Property Law, Entertainment Law, and ).

Tony’s passion for entrepreneurship, business growth and operations, media production, and podcasting can be traced back to the day he handed in his last final at Rutgers School of Law in 2014. Immediately afterward, he headed home to pack for a 13-day production trip to St. Maarten and Domenica (in the Caribbean), where he spent significant time working on a One Fifteen Films Production with CollegeCast LLC co-founder and CCO Michael Leary.

As a lawyer, Tony specializes in entrepreneurship, tax and succession planning, business formation, intellectual property protection, franchising,  growth hacking and ideation, long term legal strategy and cost reduction, risk mitigation, prospecting, business launch prep, and strategic execution. He is notorious for pushing past barriers and limits, looking for opportunities, finding creative solutions, and bringing aspiration and creativity to any project he works on. Tony is an avid autodidact who is always looking at the “big picture,” learning new things and finding ways to innovate and work smarter.  

In his free time (if you can believe he has any) Tony produces podcasts (like his Self Made Strategies Podcast found here), enjoys playing/learning music (you can find him strumming his Portuguese guitar on occasion), and gets involved in innovative new projects.  Since launching the Self Made Strategies Podcast, Tony has also produced a new podcast for nonprofit organization TODAY is a Good Day.

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